Hard and Soft Computers


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Hard and Soft Computers | Sale Market BD
Hard and Soft Computers | Sale Market BD
Hard and Soft Computers | Sale Market BD
Hard and Soft Computers | Sale Market BD

Hard and Soft Computers

Hard and Soft Computers

About Us

Hard and Soft Computers
The Developer of I.T. and Computer Technologies
Founder: Nasirul Huda

This is an Establish Online Business Platform and Ideal Private Farm Since 2004

Our Mission Statement Is:

Develop Computer Technologies, Information Technologies, Software Establishment and Promoting Online Marketing or Publishing Strategy to the highest level at every stage of the Society in the World.

Our Vision Is:

Create Skilled Online Job Worker, Computer Expert, Providing most Updated Version of Computer Hardware and Software Development facilities, Develop Electronic, Accounting and Inventory Technologies, Online Marketing and Publishing new product as per latest achievement of science.

Our Recent Development:

We have built establish computer training center, where developed Computer Expert and Skilled Information Technologist for various Freelancing as group or Independent Contract at several online job platform. Our Computer Sales and Service Center is greatest provider of Updated Hardware and Software Technologies. Our Inventory and Accounting Software is creating most scientific achievement at any business farm as well. We have various products and accessories to sell online with home delivery system even our Online Advertisement and Online Store creating huge acknowledgement about multiple technologies or latest scientific achievement. We are creative promoter of Online Marketing Strategy. We are expert Website Developer as per Online Business Platform and Global Hosting System. We have developed WordPress with Visual Editing Website to establish local even international platform of various purposes and deliver effective networking process. We are providing Bengali font development for several assignments as website developer.

Our Services:

Computer Training
I.T. Training or Online Job Worker Training
Computer Sales and Service Center
Software Development ( Inventory and Accounting )
Online Marketing and Publishing
Website Development
Online Store

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Contact details

230, Shahid Rafique SarakManikganj,Dhaka Division,Bangladesh,1800 +880 1743 911 467 ***** https://www.facebook.com/HardAndSoftComputers/

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