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Unique Battery Rejuvenator ব্যবহারে ব্যাটারির দীর্ঘস্থায়ীত্ব বেড়ে যায় তিনগুণ। এটি ব্যাটারি প্লেটের ক্ষয় রোধ ও লেড সালফেট প্রতিরোধ করতে সহায়তা করে। যার ফলে ব্যাটারি থাকে নতুনের মতোই শক্তিশালী দীর্ঘ দিন।


“Unique Battery Rejuvenator”

is providing three years operational activities and guaranteed life span without any disturbance of lead acid storage battery!!!!!!

There are two main reasons of lead acid storage battery demoralization:

  1. Lead Sulfate
  2. Short Circuit
  • What is Lead Sulfate?

There is build up of white colored layer on the lead plate of lead acid storage battery, it’s called lead sulfate.

If any new lead acid storage battery got rid of lead sulfate, it will ensure more than three years life span and exciting operational activities as like as new battery.

Only “Unique Battery Rejuvenator” will protect Lead Plates from building up lead sulfate spontaneously.

  • Short Circuit

Short Circuit is not common in first three years life span of a new lead acid storage battery.

If you are using “Unique Battery Rejuvenator” one time in a year:

  • It will maintain your used battery as like as brand new battery more than three years.
  • It will maintain your battery’s lead plate strong and active as like as brand new lead plate in any season of the year.
  • Vehicle will run smoothly without any mechanical disturbance and ignition system more active at any time.
  • IPS will create exciting battery back up and run spontaneously at any time.

Always Remember:

  • It’s recommended to use Unique Battery Rejuvenator within first six months, from the first day of consumption of the battery.
  • It will create better protection, battery’s water, acid develops actual and exciting chemical circulation during consumption.
  • “Unique Battery Rejuvenator” is recommended to use one time in a year.

Specifications according to battery’s category:

12 V(30amp-100amp)Normal Rejuvenator
12 V(120amp-200amp)Special Rejuvenator
48 V(400amp or more)Power Rejuvenator


  • 30 ml of “Unique Battery Rejuvenator” will be poured in every single battery’s compartment or each battery’s cell.
  • “Unique Battery Rejuvenator” is tested and approved by legal department authority of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh.


  • Shake “Unique Battery Rejuvenator” well before use.
  • Keep it in dry, normal and present ambience.
  • It is not dangerous to your health and absence of any side affect.
  • Keep out of children.
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