Egg Shell Powder

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Egg Shell Powder

Eggshells contain calcium, magnesium, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, and collagen. All these compounds are useful in relieving various ailments of the body, basically, pain. Calcium carbonate is a chemical compound whose symbol is CaCO3. It is mainly composed of three elements carbon, oxygen, and calcium.
It is a common ingredient in rocks and is the main ingredient in pearls, marine shells, snails, eggshells, etc. It is an active ingredient in agricultural lime, which is formed by reacting with calcium ions and water. It is used medically as a calcium supplement or antacid. However, excessive use is dangerous.
Egg Shell Powder Works:
Retains youth, removes dark spots, removes skin infections, cleanses the skin, removes wrinkles, softens the skin, and relieves skin irritation, etc.

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