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Where to find copyright free videos to upload to YouTube channel?

Where to find copyright free videos to upload to YouTube channel?

Finding copyright-free videos for your YouTube channel can be done through various platforms that offer content under licenses that allow for reuse and distribution. Here are some sources where you can find copyright-free videos:

1. **YouTube Audio Library:**
YouTube has its own Audio Library that includes a collection of music and sound effects that you can use in your videos. Some videos may also have a Creative Commons license that allows for reuse.

2. **Creative Commons Search:**
You can use the Creative Commons search engine to find content that is licensed for reuse. Websites like Flickr, Wikimedia Commons, and Vimeo offer content under various Creative Commons licenses.

3. **Pexels Videos:**
Pexels is a website that provides high-quality stock videos that are free to use. You can use them for personal and commercial purposes without the need for attribution.

4. **Pixabay:**
Pixabay is another platform that offers free stock videos. You can use the videos without worrying about copyright issues for both personal and commercial projects.

5. **Videezy:**
Videezy is a community-driven platform that offers free HD stock footage and motion graphics. It has a mix of free and premium content.

6. **Coverr:**
Coverr provides free videos for commercial use, and they add new videos regularly. The videos are high quality and cover a variety of themes.

7. **Videvo:**
Videvo offers a mix of free and premium stock footage. You can filter the search results to display only free videos, and they cover various categories.

8. **Internet Archive:**
The Internet Archive has a vast collection of videos, some of which are in the public domain or have open licenses that allow for reuse.

Remember to always check the specific licensing terms of each video and provide proper attribution if required by the license. Additionally, some videos may have restrictions on commercial use, so be sure to review the licensing information carefully.